Since 1980, we have been involved in the starting, owning, managing and operation of Telephone Answering Services in the Greater New York Area. This industry requires “hands on” knowledge of all facets of telecommunications.

Interfacing with carriers; negotiating rates, types of services and applicable tariffs; utilizing the right types of telecommunication equipment and features are just some of the areas in which we needed to be proficient in order to remain competitive.

With years of experience in negotiating rates, plans and platforms with all major and specialty carriers for telephone switched and dedicated services, we decided to put this valuable information to use.

In 1998 we founded Telesis Communication Services to evaluate the communication needs of businesses. We provide recommendations on how to operate their corporate telecommunications more effectively and efficiently. We then implement these changes and follow-up to ensure our client receives what they expected.

Our purpose is to identify the needs and goals of a business and bring about a more well-balanced application of their telecommunication services and systems. The results provide efficiency in both costs and time to our clients.

Telesis serves as the liaison between you and the major service providers in the telecommunications industry. We research, test, customize service level agreements, negotiate price, and procure contracts directly on your behalf based on your specific needs and goals.

We work with your designated staff members to quickly understand your business, identify and prioritize needs, consider financial implications including current infrastructure, performance and costs. We quickly develop a comprehensive state-of-the-art solution that will enhance your overall capabilities and significantly reduce direct monthly costs while not burdening your organization’s internal resources.

We understand and respect the value of your time including the on-going headaches of dealing directly with telecommunication services providers. Unlike direct carrier representatives or typical consultants, we are compensated directly from the service providers you contract with on an on-going monthly basis. Regardless of the specific service or provider, we represent you and make attaining your goals and solving problems our priority.

Our plan of action positions you to quickly take maximum advantage of leading-edge technologies at below market prices. By consolidating the number of vendors you deal with, we put the control of communication services back into your hands.

Telesis has become the trusted partner and valued resource to hundreds of corporate decisions makers for communication solutions, allowing them to focus on their core business.

Make Telesis your trusted partner!