The face of the telecommunications industry is constantly changing. New technologies are emerging everyday. Telesis, your trusted partner, reviews these technologies to make them work for you. Telesis analyzes and learns your business goals so we can deploy a solution that helps you achieve results in a timely fashion.


Full Analysis with Recommendations

New Technologies / Services / Seminars

Multiple Carrier Options

Contract Consulting and Negotiation

Project Implementation and Management

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Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Firm’s Needs = Your Solution

 IP Communications                   Local Service                  Video Conferencing

 Broadband                  DSL                  VPN                  Metro Ethernet

 Dark Fiber                  Frame Relay                  ATM

 Audio Conferencing                  International                  Hosting


  Have your own Telecom Department without the expense. Telesis provides ongoing management of your services to maintain peak efficiency.

  We place new service orders (move, add, changes).

  We disconnect lines and services no longer needed.

  We regularly review services and invoices for correctness and oddities.

  We keep an eye on rate structures and technological changes that may impact your services or systems.

  We look for potential problems with carriers / providers (finances, bankruptcy, mergers).

If you adhere to our recommendations our management services are free to you. Telesis receives compensation from the companies with whom we are partnered. In addition to saving your firm money, you’ll receive the collective years of experience and expertise that Telesis offers.



In today’s networking environment, it’s all about performance. Businesses face ever-increasing margin and revenue pressures. We now rely on optimal network performance to enhance productivity and reduce costs. Do you have the resources to design, implement and manage such a network as well as focus on your core business objectives? Managed Services has become the smart, proactive strategy for many enterprises as fast changing, sophisticated technologies require increasing time and capital investment. Implemented correctly, managed networking services can deliver the simplicity of a single provider’s network, a single point of contact and one expectation of quality. You retain ultimate network control yet benefit from having an experienced team of networking professionals who will help you design, deploy, monitor, and manage your network.